Increase female sexual function and libido in three easy steps

Want a Better Sex Life?

Research has found that women exercising on a regular basis ultimately optimize their levels of sexual desire by triggering the release of endorphins, or chemicals in the brain that create an overall sensation of well-being, which leads to enhancing their sexual confidence and prowess. In fact, according to a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association, working out and improving your cardiovascular system will increase your blood flow. Thus, exercising will make you feel more responsive to having sex. Another report in the Journal of Sex Research found that because exercise boosts your mood and acts as a great stress-buster, it can improve self-esteem and lead to better sex.

Still not convinced to run to the gym?

An elevated sex drive occurs from other sympathetic hormones like adrenalin or epinephrine that make a person more energized. Other types of sympathetic hormones are opioids (such as beta-endorphins), which can also produce a ‘feel-good’ or satisfied effect. The psychological self-confidence that you get from being physically fit, accomplishing fitness goals (exercising on a regular basis, for example) or simply losing weight boosts your self-esteem and helps you feel sexier. In fact, a recent study in the United States found that women aged 20 to 45 who engaged in regular exercise not only had better sex, but they got between the sheets more often.

Boost Female Libido in 3 Easy Steps

1) Exercise

Cardio Endurance – Sex requires endurance, so being fit and building up your cardio endurance will help spice things up in the bedroom. Shoot for 3 or 4 days a week of cardio exercise like walking, running or even swimming. You don’t have to be a full-on athlete to feel the benefits, especially in the bedroom. A brisk walk every day, three 20-minute jogging outings a week, or a few sessions in the swimming pool could be all it takes to improve your sex life.

Muscle Strength Building – As long as we’re talking about increasing low libido, we might as well cover muscular strength. Building muscular strength is something else you’ll need in order to enjoy and even crave vigorous sex. Ever have a nasty foot or leg cramp kill the mood during sex? No matter what position you are in, your muscles will contract like crazy if you remain there long, so it pays to be in shape! For strength, you’ll need to lift slightly heavier weights for few repetitions rather than your usual workout consisting of more reps and less weight. And ladies, don’t forget your pelvic floor exercises, especially if you’ve not paid attention to your pelvic muscles since the birth of your last child. Even if you have never had kids, it is still vital to focus on this area because according to the experts, tighter pelvic floor muscles lead to longer arousal and better orgasms!

2) Stretching

Flexibility – You may find yourself in…er…unusual positions for short periods of time, so conditioning your body by adding flexibility can be a plus for longer lasting sex. In fact, flexibility can enhance anyone’s sex life. Try stretching regularly and even doing Yoga or Pilates to get you in the mood. People who do Yoga or Pilates are likely to have a better range of movements, making it easier to get into those more awkward positions.

3) Diet

Eating Healthy – Last but certainly not least, a healthy diet affects performance during any exercise, and the includes sexual performance. Complex carbohydrates complimented by lean protiens are essential for maintaining and increasing sexual function. Stay away from fried fatty foods, and foods high in Tryptophan (milk, turkey, etc.) before sexual activity. These as well as any other foods that make you feel sluggish will decrease your desire for sex.

Tying it all together

Exercise, along with a healthy diet and adequate sleep can boost your libido so when the time comes, you’re up for anything.