Boost Female Libido

Sigmund Freud is the father of the term libido. Libido is the natural sex drive. It is an innate emotion that every human experiences in one way or another.

Freud spent his life studying the male and female libido and realized that sex drive is not a constant emotion that increases or decreases as we age, it is an emotion that we control through our beliefs and experiences.

In other words we always know how to boost women libido so an active sex drive can be experienced at any stage in adult life, but mental roadblocks may hinder us from enjoying sex.

Aging doesn’t inhibit libido; a women’s thoughts about sex control the amount of sexual hormones that enter the bloodstream which directly impacts sexual experiences.

If depression, anxiety and stress are overtaking a woman’s thoughts, sexual hormone production decreases and the libido suffers. Other issues like childbirth, breast feeding, and menopause can also create female sexual dysfunction (FSD) issues which can have a devastating impact on any woman’s sexual desires.

Psychologists now know that in order to know how to boost women’s libido FSD causes must be eliminated, but most women ignore FSD symptoms out of embarrassment or fear so women begin to live in a world without sex, and try to cope with the affects of a sexless life.

In order to know how to boost a woman’s libido the cause of vaginal dryness, pain during intercourse, a non-existent sex drive, and the inability to reach an orgasm during intercourse must be addressed through professional help or self analysis.

There are a number of good research sites available on the Internet that explain the causes as well as the symptoms, and they also list how to boost women’s libido without prescription medications that can create other health issues.

The Best Way to Know How to Boost a Woman’s Libido is Through Research

Once the cause is addressed the best way to know how to boost a woman’s libido is through research. Finding the right female sexual enhancement supplement which can stimulate hormone secretion so the sensitive sexual areas around the body are aroused is essential.

The ingredients in a female sexual enhancement supplement must be able to send messages to the brain so sex becomes a natural expression without distorted thoughts which can inhibit normal body reactions.

Most professionals agree that the ingredients in Lyriana’s formula can help lubricate the vagina and reduce pain during intercourse. When Lyriana is used as directed sexual fantasies return, and the ability to reach an orgasm during intercourse returns as well.

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