Boost Womens Libido

Psychologists who specialize in female sexual dysfunction (FSD) know how easy it is to ignore the symptoms of FSD. Millions of American women live with at least one type of FSD and they try to live a normal life without enjoying sexual intercourse.

Most of those women discover that life without sex can be an isolated existence. A healthy libido is the foundation for a healthy body and if that foundation is altered in some way, health begins to deteriorate.

In order to know how to boost a woman’s libido, women must be able to identify the symptoms of FSD and then face them without fear or embarrassment.

Professionals list four basic types of FSD. Hypoactive sexual desire disorder is the most common and then sexual arousal disorder is next. Orgasmic disorder and sexual pain disorder are the other two types, and they are usually rooted in mental as well as physical issues.

In order to relieve the symptoms associated with these four types of FSD the cause must be identified before a female sexual enhancement supplement can be used which automatically knows how to boost women’s libido.

Pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding, and menopause all cause FSD symptoms and most prescription, as well as non prescription supplements, will help alleviate the symptoms, but the symptoms related to causes like depression, stress, anxiety, trauma, a difficult relationship, and illness may be more of a challenge, so it’s always a good idea to do research and get help so you understand exactly how to boost women’s libido when a specific cause is identified. Women Ask How to Boost a Woman’s Libido Without Nasty Side Effects

Prescription female sexual enhancement medications usually address the hormone imbalance that most women experience when FSD symptoms are present. Most of these medications stimulate estrogen, testosterone, prolactin, DHEA, and adrenaline production, but they can create nasty side effects in some women if they are synthetic versions of those hormones.

Women want to know how to boost women’s libido without side effects and the answer is the non-prescription formula called Lyriana. Lyriana’s formula send messages to brain so the body starts to increase the production of the hormones associated with sex.

The ability to have normal fantasies about sex returns and sexual desires increase. The sensitive sexual areas around the body are stimulated, the vagina is lubricated naturally and pain disappears.

Women who use Lyriana say they reach an orgasm frequently and the ability to reach multiple orgasms during intercourse becomes a reality again.

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