Female Libido Boost

Jokes about the libido have been circulating ever since Sigmund Freud came up with tha word. Libido is the energy that launches sexual desires. It seems the libido acts like a remote control unit for sex in men and women.

Men only have two buttons on their libido remote, but women have more buttons than the buttons needed to launch a space shuttle. Understanding a woman’s libido and knowing how to boost a woman’s libido once it diminishes can be a challenge unless women get help of some kind.

Most of the recent studies done on sexual desire say it constantly changes throughout adult life. It seems the mind is the primary sexual organ in the body.

If the mind is not sending the appropriate signals to the body through sexual hormones female sexual dysfunction (FSD) manifests, and it can completely change how a woman feels about sex. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that over forty three percent of women under sixty experience some type of FSD and they are too embarrassed to do anything about it.

They suffer in silence and create a life without sex or compensate for a sexless life in other ways, but the libido is such a powerful emotion it can create other health issues if it’s ignored.

In order to learn how to boost women’s libido when pregnancy and child birth have changed its energy, professional help may be required and then female sexual enhancement supplements may be needed to increase the production of the hormones responsible for sexual fantasies and desires.

Professional help is always available, but some prescription medications can cause some annoying side effects especially if they are synthetic hormones. Self analysis and research works for most women. By spending some time identifying when the symptoms started the cause can be determined.

Stress, illness, disease, a difficult relationship, weight gain, fatigue, and alcohol abuse can ruin anyone’s libido. Once those causes are address most professionals recommend the ingredients in Lyriana to alleviate the symptoms.

Understanding How to Boost a Woman’s Libido Using a Natural Supplement Can Change Your Life

Since a woman’s libido is such a personal issue it’s important to find a supplement that will send the right messages to the sexual areas of the body. The ingredients in Lyriana are formulated to help lubricate the vagina as well as relax the body, so an orgasm is experienced during intercourse.

Lyriana’s ingredients relieve the pain and restore the normal sexual fantasies and the exciting desires that lead up to pleasurable sex.

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