Flibanserin for Women

When the pharmaceutical company Pfizer introduced Sildenafil to the public in 1996 very few people realized how popular it would become when the FDA approved it for prescription use as Viagra in 1998. Flibanserin for women seems to be following the same path.

The German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim has been testing Flibanserin for women for several years and the company is confident that the Dopamine D4 receptors and the serotonin 5-HT receptors in Flibanserin for women will help millions who suffer with symptoms of female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

Female sexual dysfunction strikes four American women in ten before their sixtieth birthday, and most of those women try to ignore the symptoms or avoid sexual activity.

Sex psychologists have identified four types of FSD and each one can be sexually devastating if the cause is not identified. There are a number of mental and physical causes of FSD and the Flibanserin for women clinical tests show that the drug can have a positive impact on symptoms of hypoactive sexual desire disorder and sexual arousal disorder.

Boehringer has conducted four clinical trials which included five thousand women in three hundred and fifty locations all over the world, and the data compiled from those trials show that Flibanserin for women can substantially increase sexually satisfying desires and sexually satisfying activity.

Women in the study say that a 100mg Flibanserin for women pill taken once a day for forty weeks increased their sexual encounters from three to five a month.

Those results may not sound encouraging to some women, but they are for women who have lost their ability to fantasize and dream about sex, as well as the ability to engage in sexual activity.

No One is Sure How Flibanserin for Women Works but the Results are Conclusive

Executives as well as the researchers at Boehringer aren’t exactly sure how Flibanserin for women increases sexual desires and urges, but they do know the drug increases dopamine and reduces serotonin in the brain which affects the central nervous system and those changes increase natural hormone production even though Flibanserin for women is non-hormonal.

All prescription medications cause some side effects and the clinical trials conducted on women with FSD show that headaches, insomnia, dizziness, nausea, anxiety, and fatigue are the common side effects of Flibanserin use. Some women in the study say the side effects are worth it, while others say the side effects are just as bad as the FSD symptoms.