Flibanserin Information

When Flibanserin information started to leak out on the Internet the term female Viagra became a buzz word for FSD sufferers who want a prescription medication to increase their libido.

Some women have been searching for a female Viagra ever since Viagra was approved in 1998. Viagra increases the blood flow to the small blood vessels in the penis so men can maintain an erection and enjoy intercourse, but women with female sexual dysfunction may have other issues that are blocking the sexual chemicals that stimulate sexual fantasies and desires according to new Flibanserin information released from recent Flibanserin clinical studies.

Forty-three percent of women experience some type of female sexual dysfunction and the German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim wants a share of that market.

Flibanserin is capable of increasing sexual desires and the company is hoping the FDA will approve the drug based on the Flibanserin information they have complied from the clinical studies they have conducted around the world.

Boehringer’s Flibanserin information and research shows that women who use 100mg of Flibanserin daily start to experience an increase in their sexual satisfying experiences within forty eight weeks. Women say that the average number of satisfying sexual experiences increased from three a month to five a month.

No one is really sure how Flibanserin increases sexual desire, but the Flibanserin information that has been released so far claims Flibanserin increases dopamine and noradrenalin and decreases serotonin in the brain and that change stimulates a chain of chemical reactions that trigger sexual fantasies and desires.

Boehringer plans to market Flibanserin under the brand name Girosa according to recent Flibanserin information, but other names like Ectris have also been discussed.

Although Flibanserin is touted as a female prescription Viagra the FDA still has to approve the drug for medical use, and that is a slow process so the Flibanserin information concerning its release is still shrouded in secrecy.

New Flibanserin Information Reveals Some Side Effects

Most of the Flibanserin information compiled from the clinical studies show that the results of using Flibanserin to increase a low libido are promising, but it is a long term therapy that requires a firm commitment.

The side effects from using Flibanserin are considered minor, but they still are annoying. Headaches, fatigue, nausea, sinusitis, dizziness, and diarrhea are some of the symptoms, but some women say increasing their sexual appetite is worth the aggravation that the side effects produce.