Flibanserin Suppliers

When Pfizer introduced the drug Sildenafil as a male erectile dysfunction remedy most consumers were skeptical, but today Viagra is the most popular prescription drug in the world. Women have been waiting for a female counterpart of Viagra for over ten years and it seems like the wait is almost over.

Boehringer Ingelheim, the German pharmaceutical company is waiting for FDA approval for Flibanserin, which is the drug some researchers call the female Viagra.

Boehringer developed Flibanserin as an anti-depressant several years ago, but initial clinical studies revealed its ability to increase sexual desires as well as sexual activity in women with sexual arousal disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder.

Based on those studies Flibanserin suppliers are waiting patiently for the FDA to give them the green light to sell Flibanserin by prescription.

Most Flibanserin suppliers believe that this new prescription female libido enhancer could outsell Viagra once the word gets out that Flibanserin can increase sexual fantasies and desires in women who are experiencing some type of female sexual dysfunction (FSD).

According to a published report by the Journal of the American Medical Association forty-three percent of women in America experience some type of female sexual dysfunction before their sixtieth birthday.

That means millions of women in the US alone could buy enough of this new sexual enhancement drug from Flibanserin suppliers to compete with Viagra sales, but there are millions of women around the world that suffer from female sexual dysfunction so the potential sales of Flibanserin under the brand name of Girosa or Ectris could mean huge profits for Flibanserin suppliers.

The hype around Flibanserin is not just typical marketing ploys, some of the information is credible depending on the source. Flibanserin suppliers know that several clinical studies show a dramatic increase in sexual activity and sexual desires when 100mg of Flibanserin is used for at least forty-eight weeks.

That information is important to Flibanserin suppliers; it means that Flibanserin is a long term therapy, so additional refills of the drug are assured.

Flibanserin suppliers realize that refills are the ticket to big profits and most Flibanserin suppliers expect most female sexual enhancement medications to produce consistent as well as hefty profits.

Flibanserin Suppliers Make Money in Spite of Side Effects

Flibanserin suppliers are well aware of the side effects of using Flibanserin, but they believe the headaches, insomnia, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, and fatigue will not affect the popularity of Flibanserin once it receives FDA approval to treat female sexual dysfunction symptoms.