Great Sex Positions

Most people are happy with their sex life and practice few positions, the most common being the missionary position. This is where the woman is on the bottom and the man is on top of her.

The problem with this position is that most women cannot achieve an orgasm with the man lying on top. But there is a modified version that should move things along.

With the woman on her back, her legs resting on her partners shoulders there is more room for clitoral stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm if this is what sets the woman over the edge. It is also a nice way to begin building a g-spot orgasm.

Many women find it much easier to have an orgasm through oral sex rather than intercourse. But the added pleasure comes when the man uses a finger to gently begin rubbing the g-spot slowly, yet firmly. Over time it will take less to become aroused by rubbing the g-spot.

Another interesting way for a woman to achieve that g-spot orgasm is to become closer with your partner. With the woman sitting on a kitchen stool face to face with her partner, this is a great tool for sexual communication.

Because this position provides intense stimulation, this is the best position for both of you to learn how to work the g-spot. Also the clitoris can easily be stimulated. This position provides deep penetration.

Standing up from behind is also an excellent position for a woman to achieve a g-spot orgasm. This position is borrowed from the “doggy style” position. Instead of bent over on all fours, the woman is standing and slightly bent forward with the man entering behind her.

This position puts more pressure on the g-spot than with the traditional doggy style position. Your partner’s movements of sliding into you will push against your g-spot and that is what causes the intense stimulation.

One of the most common but also most satisfying sexual position is doggy style or rear entry sex. For this position, both people are on their knees and one partner penetrates the other from behind.

The partner being penetrated is on their hands and knees. There are other variations to this position. One or both partners can be standing and if standing, the partner being penetrated can be bent forward at the waist and use a wall or piece of furniture to support themselves.