How To Boost a Woman’s Libido

Every since men and women discovered the pleasure of sex the question how to boost a woman’s libido has been a major topic of discussion.

Men want to know how to boost women’s libido for obvious reasons and women want to know how to boost a woman’s libido if they are experiencing female sexual dysfunction (FSD) symptoms.

There are four types of FSD and over four out of ten women experience at least one type of FSD between the ages of 18 and 59. Most women feel they’re alone when they discover a vaginal dryness issue or experience pain during intercourse, so they suffer in silence.

Some women lose the ability to fantasize about sex and have no desire to have sex while other women can’t reach an orgasm during intercourse due to a past trauma or a mental condition that is blocking the messages sent from the brain to the sexual hormone producing glands.

Most types of FSD are caused by mental issues like stress, depression, anxiety, and sexual trauma, but other issues like pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can also block the body from producing the hormones it needs to have sexual relations.

Most women don’t know how to boost women’s libido so they seek professional help or do research on the Internet so they can identify the cause of their symptoms.

The first step in understanding how to boost a woman’s libido is to recognize the cause and then find relief either through prescription medications or non-prescription female sexual enhancement supplements.

Eliminate Side Effects By Using a Female Sexual Enhancement Supplement That Knows How to Boost Women’s Libido Naturally

Most prescription medications are synthetic hormones that can produce some nasty side effects, especially if they are used for an extended period of time. Trying to lubricate the vagina as well as eliminate pain during intercourse takes special ingredients which can stimulate sexual hormones without side effects.

The body needs time to make adjustments especially when it comes to increasing the production of estrogen, testosterone, estrogen, prolactin, and adrenaline once the secretion of those sexual hormones has been interrupted.

Most professionals usually recommend the natural formula Lyriana to stimulate those hormones so the symptoms of FSD begin to disappear without experiencing annoying side effects.

Lyriana’s ingredients know how to boost a woman’s libido without causing other stress in the body. Lyriana sends messages to the brain so normal sexual fantasies return; sexual intercourse results in an orgasm or multiple orgasms.

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