What Is Low Libido?

A low libido or sex drive refers to a lack of interest in sexual relations. Typically, it is not unusual for a woman to experience a temporary decline in sexual desire at some point. However, if the problem persists, it can lead to a lot of problems.

Due to the fact that a low libido can be caused by many factors, it is difficult to pin point the exact issue and fix it. Low sex drive can result from physical conditions (such as medical conditions or pregnancy), psychological issues (such as stress, anxiety or fatigue), or other factors (such as emotions or relationships).

The signs of a low libido include:

  • Less frequent sexual thoughts and fantasies
  • Reduced sexual desire or lack of desire
  • Reluctance to initiate sex
  • Less frequent masturbation
  • Sex being uncomfortable or even painful
  • Frequently not being satisfied with sex (such as not being able to orgasm or multiple orgasms).